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Fleas sensitive skin

Recently I got a small puppy and she had fleas and thicker fur then my 9 yr old pup. The older pup for the first time ever got major flea issue. She has sensitive skin and nothing we have tried is getting rid of the fleas. The fleas are causing her red skin and they have caused herself a couple of sores as well. I have bathed her with flea shampoo, topical flea med and a powder that is suppose to kill them from the carpet. I have heard about the oral meds, but don't know if they work or how much they are.

I just want to help my 9 yr old feel better but nothing is working and I don't have much extra cash. Please any suggestions would be appreciate.

Also, she hates her feet touched and she needs her nails trimmed is there any way I can do this for her and have her at ease?
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Sounds like you have taken many of the standard flea control steps, most I think use a regular treatment like Frontline Plus (brand name) once a month to control fleas and tics.

As for the nails, one can buy dog nail trimmers many places, including Walmart. The larger the dog, the larger the nails and the more strength it take to trip.  One has to also be careful not to cut the nails too short..can cause bleeding, which can be stopped .... check dog nail trimming out on Youtube.  Some dogs, maybe most, will fight back.  A good natured dog will just try to pull the foot back.

The nail trimming will likely also suggest how to best stop bleeding if the wick is cut.  The video should help you learn what to look for before you cut.  Best approach is cut just a little and see how it goes. You can always come back the next day and take more nail off.
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Ok thanks for the help but still I need a solution for the fleas. My older dog has such sent ice skin that they are taking a heavy toll on her. I have tried all the standard flea methods. I even have tried frontline and none of it is working. I need something more I can do to help her help please.
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I have no experience, lucky me, but I believe there is such a thing as a "flea dip" by a vet, but even if that was done to both dogs you'd sill have resident fleas in your home.  

Can you keep the dogs separate for a few days, maybe have a friend take one.  Then treat them separately and see if either can be cured alone.  

Hope others can help more,
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Thanks, I am hoping that the cold will begin to kill the fleas and I can treat them and then work on a better strategy for next year.
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