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Food poisoning

My dog doesn't eat any food.And past last week she has been vomiting whatever she has been eating?Hav been giving her rice and pedigree and milk. she is vaccinated and dewormed.
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I agree with Cliff, a week is a very very long time for a young dog not to have eaten and kept food down. This is now an emergency and needs a vet's attention. Your dog is by now seriously under nourished and probably dehydrated, in addition to whatever it is that is ailing her. Please get her to a vet straight away. Tony
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This sounds like either a pancreatitis or an ingested foreign body. Vomiting and anorexia are very serious and the fact that it has been going on for one week makes it even more serious. Call a veterinarian immediately, do not even wait until your local vet is open, go to an emergency clinic if you have to.
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first i am not a vet just a vet tech..

stop giving her milk dogs cant digest it and it will make things worse.. if she doesnt vomit in 24 hours offer her a small amount of boiled rice and boiled chicken with no fat and no bones. cook them seperatly..

there are a lot of reasons dogs vomit. without testing you cant be sure whats causeing it..

cnsidering her age and her breed my first concern would be that she at something and it is not passing through her digestive tract.. many dogs eat toys or other foreign objects that become "stuck" this can be an emergancy situation without surgery the dog will not get better and may pass away. when an obect is stuck it can cause the digestive tract to start to die off. .

is she passing stool?
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