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Food suggestions for kidney failure?

My dog has 2nd stage kidney failure. Has been put on Hills k/d dry food. He won't eat it. His appetite is still there, he begs for our food as usual. I went out and bought a few cans of the k/d wet food to try and mix with the dry,but he picks through it and leaves behind the kibble. I've tried to moisten the kibble with hot water to make it soft.. no luck. I need to stay with this diet for him, any suggestions how to make it more appetizing? I really don't want to have to switch totally over to wet food ( the vet charges an arm and a led for a can) and I have this huge bag of kibble. Any one have success with this food? Can i make anything at home to add to it?
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Have you tried the Royal Canin kidney diet kibble? They also have canned meat loaf which you could mix in. I warn you it isn't cheap but my dog used to wolf it down!
I didn't like the ingredients list, after having given my dog the best quality holistic organic meat-based food plus home cooked meat dinners for years! But I had to admit I am sure it made a difference to my dog's blood test results two months later. And I also have to admit the food did smell quite good -to my nose!

My dog was diagnosed with early-stage kidney failure....now all dogs are different, and all conditions are different, so do ask your vet's advice....but I have heard that green tripe is usually okay (though I have also heard it smells horrible when it's cooking! -though dogs love it!) Also, my dog was allowed some chicken breast occasionally and a little white fish, and sometimes a scrambled egg for breakfast. I usually included a quarter teaspoon of powdered dried eggshell (for the phosphorus-binder, Calcium Carbonate)
Vegetables of course were no threat, and neither were carbohydrates like potatoes or rice -given of course in small amounts, and not as the main bulk of the meal.

But do ask your vet about those options first.
Well cooked barley is also something you could add to the meal. Plus tasy veggies like broccoli or green beans or carrots. At least things like that, sprinkled in with the main diet food can add a bit of variety and be more interesting for your dog.
Keep away from salted food, but a little chicken or meat/fish stock added can also add flavour. But again, ask your vet about that idea.
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