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Found a lump on dogs flap of ear

I felt my dogs ears today and 1 felt bigger than the other like just on the flap on the inside seems to be a a squishy lump... it's about the size of an old 50 pence piece and it squishy like it's full of water,?  Anybody any ideas on what this could be please?
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Oh gosh, it is impossible really for any of us to diagnose what the lump is in your dog's ear. It could be anything. It probably ISN'T cancer...but you really need to take him in to the vet to get this seen as soon as you can. (Same protocol with ANY weird lump, anywhere.)
I am guessing it could possibly be a haematoma?? A blood-filled swelling. Dogs' ears are common sites for these.
But of course, I cannot tell you. Only the vet can.
Hey only just logged back on here and you was right that's exactly what it was. He's been treated and every things good now! Thanks.
Thanks Bonny, for coming back to us on that one.
I am very glad to hear your dog was fine! Very good news!
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