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Gastric Motility Disorders in Dogs

Has anyone here ever heard about this condition in ogs or has anybody here ever dealt with this condition. I'm in serious need of help and advice and I don't know where to turn anymore. Please any I love my dog so much since I can't have children he is my baby. A male Jackrussel with is only 5 years old
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I am somewhat familiar with this disorder in people. Can you give more info? How was this diagnosed, symptoms? Vet's recommendations?
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Oky this is an long story. He hade Spirocerca lupi last year march. Since then he hase hade a sensitive stomach been to my recular vet weekly since nov which I'd verios test and found nothing. Went to spesialist in des they told me he was in great helth. Jan he started vomiting and has diaree I thought the worm was back 20 jan took him for endocopy nothing his stomach was inflamed but they told me I should discourge scrap eating was putt on maxihealth ocean dry food. He cont. to get worse vomiting, gas ex. I could not go to specialist again so I took him to another vet said to be the best in our area. They did 8-rays with borium sulfate after 7hours there was stil bs in his stomach the vet said it could be a piece of plastic or that his pyloric valve might be narrow he has to operate. When he phoned me 20H30 he said that was not the case and the S-lupi caused nerve damage which is restricting contractions of the stomach. He also cut the musle of the pyloric valve to make food flow more easy into instinals. Recommondations purina dog food or tabele food (anything were eating) aslong as its soft food. We don't eat very nutrienal so he said the huskey. But I found big pieces of bone in the Huskey also removing smal pieces of bone with each 2 hours of feeding and its very fatty  it is also causing his poo to come out like its covered in plastic. He needs good safe food but I'm at alost bcause I have always fed hills dry or eukanuba ex. And he now also has the operation to his stomach and sensitive to foods. Today he has very loud stomach noises and does not want to eat the huskey. Also on cimetidine and clopomon he finished is antibiotics on sunday.
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I would have to do some reading up on this issue in dogs.  I am somewhat familiar with delayed motility in people so am assuming the "mechanics", so to speak are the same.  Sounds like he has an irritated gut too.
He needs to be on a bland food that is easily digested.  Try cooking up some chicken (no skin) and rice and you could add some vegetable like shredded zucchini.  Feed him small amounts 4-5 times a day because the stomach is not emptying fast enough and this also causes pain, possibly gas and bloating.  Ask your Vet about giving a probiotic, especially since he was on antibiotics.  
Can be very hard to treat and various protocols out there.  
The cimetidine is for stomach acid, it will not help the motility. The other drug I would have to look up.
Best thing you can do now is try the bland diet only and small meals only.  If it is a JRT, I would only feed about 1/4 cup of food at a time maybe every 5-6 hours.  
Maybe this will help.
Please keep us updated and hope he improves.
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Thank you for advice. He hase been getting probics since 2012 I cooked chicken and rice and some carrots. And then I pureed it. He ate it I will go to the grocerie store as soon as hubby gets home don't want to leave him alone at this point. Is carrots oky? So you think its un irrated gut do you think it does have anything to do with the ingrients in the food I mentioned?
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Also he said that the clepomon wil probebly bee live long. I actually did read it up . Helps with gastric antial- contracions. Increase speed of gastric emptying...
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Carrots should be ok.  Good to purée the food just remember to feed small amounts a few times a day.  Kibble and beef would be hard to digest.
Try this for a while and see how he does.
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