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My GSD is having difficulties lately and I can't figure out what to do for him. About a year ago, when he was 7, he was diagnosed with DM, and I slowly noticed it progressing, but he was happy and even though he had a hard time walking he seemed comfortable and happy! About a week ago I noticed his stomach making awful digestion/growling noises, but he ate fine and drank fine. Then he started dry heaving on a regular basis and sometimes clear liquid would come up, sometimes foam. I have taken him to the vet so many times when he was first diagnosed with DM, and before was treated for heart worms about a year before that, so financially I am wiped out, many of thousands of dollars later. The past few days he is so lethargic, can barely walk, and will not eat. He is fast and loud, and even though he is tired, he never looks comfortable. I've given him had relief, and some yogurt and pumpkin treats I made, but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas? Is he just getting old and the DM progressing?
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