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Golden Retriever crisis

I am disabled and have a Therapy Dog (not Service Dog). I adopted my Golden Retriever from a local shelter in March 2005, when he was 2 yrs. old, so he is 10 1/2 now and I have had him 8 1/2 years.

I had a Care Credit account for vet services but due to economy etc. my bills all are in collections and I only live on social security disability. My dog has had all his shots and meds through the same vet, who does a low-cost clinic monthly. He's current on flea/tick meds, heartworm, etc. He is licensed and even has a chip.

For a few weeks now my dog has been unable to climb up and down stairs without great difficulty. He used to be able to play catch and run, but I knew his hips and legs were slowly getting bad so we've not done much anymore. After our last play session a few weeks ago, he has been unable to move at all without pain and it's gotten way worse. I am moving to a ground floor apt. next month - I have severe back and leg problems too - but it might be too late for my dog. He can hardly walk, and in the last few days he has been peeing where he sits simply because he can't get up to go out.

In the past weeks, usually once I get him moving he could maneuver the stairs down pretty well, although he whines, and he was able to slowly come back up, sometimes with a little help, slowly but I could hear his creaking bones and occasional whining. So I know he has hip, joint, leg problems.

I've had him on Cosequin DS (glucosamine plus other supplements) for about a month. I also add Omega etc. oil to his food. He was eating strictly IAMS but lately I have been giving him rice mixed with chicken or beef with a little dry mixed in because he has a sensitive tummy and the vet agreed he could use the added meat.

He is drinking water and eating fine. But the legs are getting worse, and now he is incontinent too. Tonight he fell off his chair trying to get down to go out, and when his legs buckled, he peed into the carpet. I then saw he had peed on the chair a little too. I haven't let him up there but it's his fave chair so I helped him into it for the night. As I looked around I also noticed a few spots where he must have peed a little before going out but I didn't know. My carpet is new and white, I never smelled anything, but as I searched I found a few suspiciously smelly spots.

So I guess he's been peeing in place for a week or two without me knowing it because it's not been much and I try to take him out as much as I think his legs can take the stairs, usually once right before bed, then first thing in the morning, then 2 or 3 times during the day.

I will call my vet tomorrow, but I have absolutely no money to take him in, or even gas in my old van to get him there. I've had some medical and car repair and tire expenses, so I've had to take out "payday" loans to get by, and can't even afford to go shopping this month. And of course next month the loans are due...

I think it might be best to let him go, since I obviously can't afford his care or treatments or surgeries he might need, and of course this is causing me great guilt. But I realize he is getting older and I know these problems are common for older Goldens.

Advice? Suggestions?

I am heartbroken. He is my best and only friend, and my three granddaughters adore him. He has been my lifesaver many times. He's proven to me how essential a Therapy Dog can be. I will be lost when he is gone.

And no, there is no one in my family who can help; in these times we are all just hand to mouth, as I know many of you must be too. I just want to know what you think my best move should be, and if putting him down might be the best thing for him, not just an economic "way out" for me. I will not give him up at a shelter. I promised him that when I got him, and I would rather he pass on than be abandoned by me, as he was by that first family who got him as a cute pup then decided he was too much work when he was two - I know this because the shelter gave me the old family's report when I adopted him. It made me angry, and I won't do that to him.

Thank you for your comments. Please be kind. I have fed and cared for my dog many months when I couldn't afford my own food or meds. My animals have always come first. But now I am too sick and old to do this anymore and after my dog passes, I definitely will not be able to get another Therapy Animal. I won't adopt one I already know I won't be able to properly care for. But I wasn't as broke or ill when I got him so please don't judge me for that. I'm already beating myself up for it. And crying. A lot. It boils down to money. If I had some, I simply would take him to my vet. But I don't. But I don't want to make a rash or selfish decision either.

Times like these, it's pretty clear it really is all about money, Sorry but that's true. I have worked since I was 14 years old (I'm almost 62), earned three college degrees, raised three sons alone with no help or assistance, and never dreamed I would end up living this way. It *****, but my concern is to do what is right and best for my Best Friend. And I just want some opinions or suggestions.

Thank you.
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Sorry you and your lovely friend are suffering so.

My first thought was asking a shelter to take care of your dog until you get moved down to a first floor.  If you tell us where you live (not address, just city/state) someone from that area might read and offer help until you get moved.

We had a golden we decided to "put down" when he was 12 years old, that is old for a golden, and ours was a large one close to 100 pounds  He had spinal stroke when he was 10 years old and working with a neighbor we got him back on his feet using swimming therapy.  He had completely lost the use of his rear legs.

We used slow water in a local river to take him in deep enough he had to "dog paddle" to stay afloat and that exercise got him back on his feet after a few weeks of this being done a few days a week (I no longer remember the exact number of treatments).  This I understand is different than your dog's problem, but similar in the loss of rear leg strength and control.

If you think your dog can survive longer living on the first floor I advocate trying to bridge the time to you move by seeking physical help from you neighbors and community.

Back to our history, our golden was able after the strength/coordination therapy to make it up/down a few steps, but he could no longer go to a second floor in the house.

When12 "fat pockets" developed and they were cancerous and the decision was made to put him down rather than suffer through a few months of chemo and the financial cost were quite high.   That was 3 years ago, and I still miss him.  

We how have a 9 year old Westie that has a lot of sick problem, and I suppose that is why he was in a rescue situation.  We have had him for about 1.5 years and I'll estimate we have put at least $2,500 into medical treatment.  Fortunately we can afford the cost but I can see how many families would not be able to maintain the dog.  In the case of a small dog like the Westie a life span of 14 years is possible, so our rescue dog could live for another 5 or 6 years if we can get his problems cured or at least under control.

Another thought, I'm sure you have considered, check with you community services for the physically impaired.  
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I posted a long reply to your kind suggestions this morning, and now it's gone! Did you receive it as a private message or something? If not, thank you for your suggestions and advice. I hadn't even thought of a temporary home. My wonderful vet gave me a free 7-day trial of a drug today that may or may not help, and we also discussed other options if the need arises and Danny's time comes. But I wanted you to know I did reply, and appreciated your post. It was thoughtful and compassionate, and the temporary home idea was a great one!

Danny is a little better today. Fingers crossed. And lots of love to you and your loving animals as well. Thanks again.

Carol and Danny
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Your post must have been lost.  It makes me angry when that happens to me, and it does.  I usually know the post was lost because I hit a wrong key or something like that - not gremlins.  

Some blog web sites have an automatic save and it is possible to recover the "lost" message if one knows it happened.

In any case, I am very happy to learn things are looking better and your generous vet may also have some ideas on how/who to contact if a temporary home for Danny helps.

God bless,
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