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Grand Mal Seizure and Essential Oils?

My 6 year old Labradoodle "sophie" recently started with Gran mal seizures, this morning she had a cluster of 6 in a row.  Horrific to observe , my goodness I don't want to see her go through this again.  I am fairly certain it is a brain tumor due to the last few weeks of weeding out all other things.  She is at the ER Vet right now on loading doses of phenobarbital.  I heard that Frankensince can help with seizure activity.  does any one know any more details?  I have doterra essential oils, how do i apply them  or should I just diffuse them?  any other oils?   does any one know what the life expectancy is for a dog with grand mal seizures due to brain tumor?  

thank you so much for any and all responses.

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If your vet suspects a brain tumor, essential oils are probably not going to be of much help depending on how large the tumor is and what part of the brain it is located in.  If it is malignant and she is already having grand mal cluster seizures, it's kind of doubtful that even medication will help much at this point.  If it's a benign tumor, however, and it can be removed, then that would be the way to go and then determine which treatment would be best afterward.

It could be that it's simply idiopathic epilepsy.  If that's the case, then phenobarbital has great success in controlling seizures, as does dilantin and a couple of other medications.  Sometimes they are used alone, other times, in more severe cases they are used in combination with other meds.  

Wait and see what your vet says after this course of treatment is done and then decide from there.  

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Many essential oils are extremely dangerous for dogs, often because they are too concentrated and/or cause toxic effects and symptoms. They should only ever be considered under the advice and supervision of a vet - and after researching very carefully the source and quality of the product itself. Oils produced for humans are not generally suitable or safe for use on dogs.

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