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Grand mal seizure in mini schnauzer

I have a fixed 13 yr old female mini schnauzer. She had a grand mal seizure a month ago (at 2 am). Took her to the vet, had a complete blood panel done. Nothing. She has been very healthy up til now. Last night (2 am) she had another seizure. This one lasted a little longer and was more violent. She is weak in the back end some and her coordination is a little off. Last night she was having trouble picking up her front feet to walk, like she couldn't feel them, especially on her left side. She lays on her left side during each seizure. Years ago I took her off of commercial dog food due to an apparent intolerance to grains. At the time there was no grain free dog foods. I make all of her food except one little grain free treat. That one is Nutro crunch treats, grain free. Her breakfast consists of a granola ball I make her - oats, molasses, peanut butter, ground flax seeds. Her dinner I also make her - Deer ( I process this myself), chicken gizzards, green beans, peas, carrots, calf liver, chick peas, beets, a multi vitamin, a joint supplement, alfalfa tablet. All cooked, all ground. Refrozen into dinner sized servings. Fed in two servings. Her weight is spot on, her blood work for the last three years has been fine. Her shots are up to date. She is walked on a leash, no toxins that we are aware of. She does constantly want to eat dirt. We keep her from it as much as possible. Vet said no parasites or worms. No flea treatments, she is bathed weekly. She does have cataracts, has for several years now. But that is a schnauzer thing supposedly. The vet does not want to put her on meds unless the seizures are more frequent due to her age. I hate watching her go through it. Then dealing with the restlessness and daze that she goes through the following day. I know I am over involved with my dog. But she is my fur child. Please help.
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