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Granulation After Excision of Dog's Sebaceous Adenoma

As a HCP and having experienced my own need to have wounds heal by granulation..I have never heard of "Sugar-betadine" treatment that is used by DVM's when a surgical removal requires post-granulation. Yesterday, my dog had Sebaceous Adenoma removed at dew claw site reaching the width of entire foot's ankle leaving pads unaffected. ?? 2-3 cm X4-5 cm. I had no idea that the wound would have to heal by granulation and treated with sugar-betadine paste for several months. I just spent 1/2 hours removing operative  surgical bandage. He fought me but only started crying when (after another hour) I applied the paste that went all over the foot and floor, etc. Trying to re-bandage this foot appropriately was ridiculous but hope it is sufficient since must be performed everyday...for several months acc to DVM. Is the sugar painful? Are there other treatment to help granulation? Are there alternative treatments PERIOD??
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