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My black lab has a chronic granuloma on her leg. She has had it removed twice and it keeps returning. The skin begins to thicken prior to her interest in licking the area. Has anyone had success in getting one to go away? Does a skin biopsy help in determining the type of antibiotics to use? She is 11 and has only had this problem in the last 2 years. I am thinking the issue is due to the skin condition in this area.
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I really need to read what I tyoe or this iPad types!!

Have you tried putting a sock over the area?
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These can be hard to treat and sometimes it is trial and error especially if you don't know the cause.  Did your Vet do a scraping to check for allergies, parasites, etc?  Some dogs do this out of boredom or just develop a habit of lucking an area.  There is a slight chance there is something going on with the bone in that area.  Some Vets try using corticosteroids or antidepressants or antibiotics.  I woukd think a scraping if the area should be done and analyzed if it hasn't been done. Have you tried putting a sick over the area to keep her from licking it?  You can maybe get a man's cotton sock and secure it to the keg with Vet wrap.  You might try a No Bite collar which most dogs will tolerate better then the Eizabethian collar.
Sorry, I don't have much more to offer.  You need to work with your Vet and, hopefully, come up with some solution.  It might not hurt to get a second opinion.
Good luck and please come back and update.  
We are not Vets and can only give what advice we can.
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