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Great Anesthesia for Julie...

To those of you who asked me what kind of anesthesia they gave Julie for the mass under her tongue...

I am reading from the receipt from the Vet. It says,
Sevoflurane Gas Anesthesia  

No-one wanted to do surgery on her because of her compromised immune system, & all of the diseases that she has.
Until, I used this Vet. Julie came thru it amazingly.  It's used in Hospitals on Infants & children....Now, on dogs too.

I hope this is of help to many of you.
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Thank you so much Sandra, for this post. It will be helpful to anyone who has a pet that needs surgery, yet because of risks (old age, weakness, etc) are putting it off.

Hopefully, it wouldn't be too difficult to find a vet who used this gas, if needed.
I've downloaded this info. in case I need it in the future. Thanks.
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Great info!  Many thanks for posting it.  :-)
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