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My dog had what looked like a yellow jelly like poop and was throwing up white foam stuff, and she died tonight. What was the cause? She hasnt had any of her shots yet(including deworming shot). Shes maybe 8 weeks.
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Sounds like parvo
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thanks for your answer, but this is the only puppy i have that had these symptoms, i have 4 more and none of them show any symptoms like these. could that still make it parvo even if only one died??
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It's not very likely that parvo killed only one puppy if no others are showing any symptoms.  But it's basically impossible to tell what could have killed your puppy from the very few details you have given us.  Can you elaborate some more on what happened?  How old are the puppies?  What breed are they?  How was the puppy acting leading up to its death?  Please furnish as many details as you can.

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There are other things that can have Parvo symptoms but I think there is a good chance this is Parvo.  Did the stool have a strong odor?  Yes, it could still be Parvo.  How many dogs do you have there besides the puppies?  Have any others had their shots?  I strongly suggest you wash whatever you can with bleach, 1/2 cup bleach to a gallon of water.  That means their bedding, bowls, any surfaces they may have been on, even the grass.  Even if it is not Parvo, better to take what precautions you can and isolate the puppies.  I suggest you give your Vet a call and ask for advice.  Perhaps he can check the other puppies for you and test them.
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okay thank you so much.
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OK, I re-read the first post and saw that as short as the post was, the first time I read it I missed the last sentence that said that the puppies were 8 weeks old.

Yes, it could indeed be parvo at that age, but there are other things that could affect a puppy of that age.

Can you describe the odor that the stool had?  Jellylike stools are caused by mucus.  How long had the puppy had diarrhea?

Normally, there is also blood in the stool when parvo is involved, and especially when the disease is advanced enough to kill the puppy.  They are also pretty much completely food intolerant, vomiting constantly.  How long had she been vomiting before she died?

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Well she stunk really badly (including her stool). She didn't start showing any signs until the day she died. She didn't have any blood in the stools. For more detail she was laying around, she had a blank look in her eyes, and she only threw up 3 times the day that she died, she wouldn't open her jaw or drink or eat anything, she was really skinny like the other dogs weigh more but she was really skinny, the puppies got ahold of a lot of chocolate the other day maybe that has something to do with it but only she was sick (is it that even possible?). Thanks for the answer it helps a lot. I'm just really curious and want to make sure it wasn't parvo so my other puppies wouldn't die.
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The chocolate certainly could have had something to do with it.  Especially if it was dark chocolate since it contains a lot more theobromine than milk chocolate.  While it's possible that it was parvo, I still don't think that was it since enough time has elapsed for one puppy to die from it, the others (or at least SOME of the others) would surely be showing signs of illness by now since parvo usually goes through puppies like wildfire.  If one gets it, they almost always all get it, so since the others seem OK, that's the one thing that is pushing me away from saying that it could have been parvo.

The fact that they got into chocolate makes me wonder if she had possibly eaten something else as well that was responsible for making her sick and ultimately killing her.  How many days had she been acting like that?  How many days passed between the puppies eating the chocolate and her dying?  Also, how long did it take her to lose the weight that she lost, or was she always skinnier than the other puppies?  I am wondering if she could have had some type of blockage from eating the chocolates, possibly from the wrappers?  Or perhaps there was something else BESIDES the chocolates that she got into and that's what did it?  

Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure would be to have a necropsy (autopsy) performed.  I would certainly take the remaining puppies to the vet to have them examined to make sure they are OK, and then I would keep a VERY close eye on them for the next week or two to make sure they remain OK.  Have you given them their puppy shots yet?  They have been off their mother more than the time needed for the maternal antibodies to disappear and leave them susceptible to picking up diseases, so if they have not already had their first shots, you should probably get on that right away.  As long as they are not showing any signs of sickness the vet can vaccinate them when you take them in for their examinations.

Please post back and let us know what your vet says about the rest of the puppies and what he or she thinks could have been responsible for killing the other puppy.

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Okay thank you your answer helped me a lot.
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