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HELP! My puppy ate pickles!

My puppy of 10 months got into our trash and found a hamburger that had pickles on it. I found him with it AFTER he ate the pickles. Are pickles bad for a dog? Should I give him peroxide to induce vomiting, or will he be fine?
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Sorry you didn't get an answer quicker to this. No doubt it is too late now to make him vomit. If the pickles contained onions, these are not good for dogs. If you can look in the archives here, and find a post called "CHICKEN SOUP, TOXIC? by ashleyjonah" there Ghilly explains all about the toxic effects of onions, and what signs and symptoms to look out for. Basically, what I can remember is to keep a close eye on him for a day or three, to be sure his urine is not dark in colour which could indicate a certain type of anaemia caused by a chemical in the onions. But it might be better for you to read Ghilly's comments on the above post yourself.
If it is any consolation to you, my dog ate some slight amount of onions in the past, and she was just fine. But it is better to be safe.
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I don't think you have anything to worry about.  My dogs get hold of the occasional pickle or onion and never had a problem.  I'm glad ginger remembered Ghilly's post regarding onions - lots of really good info in that one!  :-)
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If it was a hamburger with pickles on it, even some onions, I seriously doubt that there was enough of anything on it to make him sick.  If anything, if he has a touchy stomach he might be a bit pukey for a day or two, but I don't think even that will happen.  It's good that you're so aware of what your puppy does, though.  Kudos to you for staying on top of the situation.  :)

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Well, I stayed home and kept an eye on him. He was as happy as can be. No problems. Thank God!!!! He's the love of my life. haha
Thank you everyone!


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I just thought that might happen!  That he'd be fine. But it's great you keep an eye on what he gets up to!  I always use a trash bin with a good lid on it, to stop doggy scavengers in their tracks! My dog would LOVE to raid bins, but I got there before her. ha ha.
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My dog loves pickles I always give him a little bite when I eat them... I told my vet my dog eats EVERYTHING and she said veggies are great for a dog and nothing (even chocolate) won't harm them as long as it's a little amount... of course she did not say it's OK to give the dog chocolate advised me not to bur said if he ever ate a little it would be OK..  my dog never has any stomach problems he's 3 my other dog I jus put down a few mon this ago at the age of 20!!! He got cancer vets couldn't believe his great shape at the age he was... I buy my bogs blue buffalo but eat scraps all day too
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