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Just wanted to vent on how hot it is now in California we have had a pretty good summer not so hot maybe it got to be as high as 85 not to  bad, but the past 2 days it be 110 to 115 And my poor dogs especially the 2 Siberian husky are in literal hell they have been in side with air conditioning plus fans eating ice and relaxing but are stir crazy i think there even jealous of the birds fling by outside a least there out side. they do not i am saving there life the look at me as if to say i am a Siberian i need to run free, i say no chance, but when it cools off at night we  take them for a swim in the man made lake near by they visit there other dog friends and take a drip and get some good exercise and at night it has been in the 70 so they have been a little nocturnal up playing in the back at night at lest then they are free.So i hope  these dogs days of summer are gone soon for their sake  
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I know. Until fairly recently we had a pretty hot summer here too. Not as hot as California! But too hot for dogs to charge around in the midday sun! And by 8 at night it was beautiful, so we did most of our running then. It's the best thing for dogs, especially long haired dogs, to stay cool in the day, even if it gets boring, and go out in the early mornings or the evening.
They do hate it though, don't they? How do you tell an active healthy dog "Wait till 8 tonight" when it's only 11am!?
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It gets stinking hot here in Aus my dogs hate rain and heat they stick there noses out the door and if too hot or too wet they retreat back indoors.Its a pain as they wont go wee's unless I push them out and go with them and even then its race out do the deed race back in.
Talk about sooks.
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Well weather in UK terrible.  Cold, windy and rainy.  Who would live here?  Where has the summer gone?  Long for a bit of sunshine, but too hot, or too cold, we have to put up with it!!
Managed to trim my little blind Bichon, Toby, but had to muzzle him.  He hates being groomed.  Took him to a professional, who now won't groom him because he is agressive.  Blindness is making him so much more nervous.  Bless him.
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