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Hardware exposed after surgery recovery

My dog had two knee surgeries this year.  One was a TTA to repair her ccl.  Then while healing from that they discovered her patellar tendon was torn so we repaired that.  Now her knee is fine but at vet yesterday they found that the wire used to repair is exposed on outside of her knee.   There is no infection or even sore skin.  It’s just slowly becoming more and more exposed.   How can this be fixed?  Our appt with surgeon is in one week.  Is this an emergency?
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I don't honestly know if that is an emergency or not. With no swelling, signs of infection or pain, it is a very odd thing.
I would say the best thing you can do, is take her as soon as possible to get this checked, and maybe don't wait for your scheduled appointment next week.  
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I mean is this even a normal thing that happens?
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I think things like this CAN happen, but I am not a vet or an expert at all. What I know of "exposed hardware" is from what I have heard about some human (usually bone) repairs, and have heard of one or two cases among people I have spoken to! -where screws, metal fixings etc have protruded slightly from the skin.
This of course was considered a failure and a corrective surgery had to be scheduled.
I can imagine it is similar in dogs...but in SOME surgeries stabilising fixtures are inserted, which are intended to be removed later by the orthopedic surgeon in a second operation when healing has taken place.

However, I should imagine that would already have been explained to you by the vet/surgeon??
So in the absence of anything like that having been said, I would think  immediate examination by a vet (preferably the one who did the surgery) would be advised
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