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Healthy puppy has seizures after one dose Nexgard & Heartgard

Took my ten month old puppy (mixed breed poodle, chihuahua, yorkie, pitbull) to the vet for a pre-op checkup and bloodwork before spaying surgery. Dr said she’s really healthy and her blood work was normal and she didn’t have heart worms. Dr gave me two chewables by Nexgard and Heartgard for heart worm, flea & tick prevention. She told me to wait a day to give them to her at the same time. I did it the next day. Puppy had a seizure a few hours later. Called the vet, they said she may have gotten into something toxic and said it was unrelated to the medicine. I told them the medicine was the only thing different that she ingested. They insisted that it was unrelated. Puppy was “normal” but low key the next day. Five days later, second seizure happens. They say she must’ve had something toxic or she is stressed out. The next day, she’s fine. Nine days after that, on Christmas Eve she has another seizure. The worst one yet. We take her to the ER. They tell us that is looks like it’s related to a birth defect and that they won’t know for sure unless we paid $11,000 for bloodwork, other tests and neurology consult. We take her home as the sedation wears off. We’ve been watching her and letting her rest, giving her cuddles, and helping her be comfortable while the medicine works it’s way out of her body. The vet still says it’s unrelated to the medicine. I’m so angry because our happy healthy energetic and loving baby is now low energy and nervous and has had three seizures since taking that medicine on 12/10. Any advice?
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See if you can find a different doctor who won't give you the runaround about $11,000 for blood work. ER's are VERY expensive, other vets aren't necessarily as high priced. If all of them say it will cost that much, it seems like the best you can do is watch the pup and see if the seizures abate. I had a kitten with seizures once, and the problem didn't come from medication, just the kitten's physical issues.
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