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Help, my dog died randomly

Today, February 7th, my family was outside playing in the snow with my two dogs. One (the one that is alive) is a Boston terrier and the other that died was a rat terrier. My dad threw the ball and the dogs fought over it, almost immediately my dad grabbed my dog that died (zoey) and she suddenly went limp in his arms. She died instantly but didn't look to have any injuries or blood. They burried her right after but I can't stop thinking about it and wondering what caused it. My family thinks maybe it was an aneurysm? I don't know. Please help!
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With no sign of injury on Zoey, it sounds unlikely that your Boston terrier caused her death by their little tussle over the ball.
An aneurysm is a definite possibility. It can happen with any creature including humans. An aneurysm can just blow out suddenly, and the passing is very quick indeed. Sometimes that is the cause of "dying in sleep", especially when energy the day before has been totally normal, and no signs of any problems.

It is so sad for you though. You must feel so awful and shocked about your little dog, and so must your whole family.

The only possible consolation is that dear Zoey died doing the thing she loved a lot. Chasing the ball....having fun in the snow...with her loved ones -her family. She didn't have to know what it was like to be sick, or old.

But I am very sorry for your loss. My kindest thoughts to you.
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