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Help! My pug has given birth but won't feed her pups!

My pug has given birth to 4 pups. Whilst in labour she was feeding in between pups but after she had the last one she won't allow them to feed. She'll begin growling at them and tries to nip them if they come close. I've been bottle feeding them and she's been cleaning them and is very attentive but just growls each time they go to feed from her. She's been to the vets and been given all clear, no high temp etc. Any advice on what to do?
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Not an expert on breeding but please keep us unformed, the hand feeding may be the only way forward.  I have seen this in lambs and have participated in bottle feeding.  In that case the mother sheep never took care of the babies in any way.  They were not my animals, but I understand it happens with otherwise healthy mothers for sheep... first time I have heard of it for dogs.  I can only assume the nipples are painful for some reason, surely the Vet has some idea.
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Glad she has been checked by the Vet and can assume there is no sign of mastitis.  Actually, have seen dogs that reject puppies but they usually won't clean them either.  Will she let them nurse if you lay by her and hold her down?  I have cleaned pups with a cotton ball and smeared it on the Mom's nose and front legs so she would lick it off and that usually works to help them accept the pups but you say she is cleaning them.  She must be getting engorged if they are not nursing.  Check each test to see if they feel hot.  Take something white and express some milk from each teat and look at the color.  See if you notice any blood, pus or green discharge.  If so, she may have an infection and is sore.  
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