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Help my dogs

I have 2 American/oldenglish bulldogs one is 2 1/2 & one is 1 1/2. They are brothers? But from different liters, they are always hyper, happy, & loving. They eat the same dog food every morning, once in awhile they will get a bite if ppl food, however Wednesday evening they got some pizza cheese flavor Mac n cheese... Problem a cup each. Thursday my 2 1/2 yr old buddy started vomitting & won't eat or drink. My 1 1/2 yr old Scrappie started the same thing on Friday.  On Saturday we gave them some pepto bismo & they both are drinking water today, I made them some "wet" white rice but they still refuse to eat. They are very lethargic & look skinny, neither is dehydrated. I don't have money to take them to the vet because I had brain surgery & currently have no income, please help!!
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This started a couple of days ago so if the dogs are drinking water and no longer vomiting - keep giving them water and try to get them to eat something mild like the rice you have tried.

I don't know why dogs like plain white rise, but I can say my Westie does and if he refused some white rice that would mean something was wrong.

I don't know why cheese would cause a problem, but it seems you now know on thing not to feed them.  

In general never give a dog anything spicy  
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Try withholding food for 24 hours but they still need fluids.
Then try feeding some boiled or poached chicken (no skin) and rice in small amounts every 2-3 hours.
I see you are in Ohio.  This would be the worst case scenario but there are reports of a virus there which would warrant a Vet visit.
I will find my original post and bump it up.  Please read it.
Hope they are better by now.
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