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Help with elderly Great Dane newly developed behavior

I have an 11 year old Great Dane who has quite literally been the best dog I have ever had, and been my best friend for years.  He has no bad behaviors and is exceptionally well behaved.  Or at least he was.  

He has always been fearful during storms, but within the past 2-3 months it has gone to extreme lengths, and he is now quite literally destroying my home if no one is home when a storm hits.  He is digging gigantic holes in the walls all over the house like he is trying to burrow through them.  If any of you have ever had a Great Dane, you will know just how bad damage is.  These are not little holes that can be patched with some drywall, he is literally destroying entire walls.  I am now looking at thousands of dollars in repair work.  

I have tried making him beds in the different closets in the house, as this is where he generally likes to hide during storms, and tried giving him various toys to chew on to alleviate stress.  No good.

I am literally at my wits end and I need help.  I am faced with the decision as to whether to put him outside for the entire day while I am at work.  He has been an inside dog his entire life, and I am afraid that putting him out in the Alabama heat during the day at his advanced age will kill him.  

Please, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe you can talk to his vet and ask about getting a sedative prescription so that you can give it to him whenever a storm is supposed to come.  If you do this, I would suggest that the first couple of times you give it to him make sure to be home so that you can see how he reacts with the meds.

If you do not want to medicate him, maybe you can try the Thundershirt for dogs.  I haven't used it, but it can't hurt to give it a try.  That is if they make it in your pup's size. :0
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In a hurry this morning but, briefly, first option would be to get him a thorough physical and blood Sharon done.  
It may be some cognitive disorder due to his age.
You might try a Thunder Shirt and some calming meds may be worth a try.
Agree, too hot to leave him outside.  Can understand about the damage issues.
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