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Hhow long does parvo last in your carpets without cleaning them?

Does anyone know how long the parvo virus will last in your carpets without the carpets being steam cleaned?

There was only one parvo poopy done on the carpet and that was cleaned with clorox wipes and dish liquid.
There was a about 4 pee-pee spots that was also cleaned with clorox wipes.

Thanks in advance
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Parvo can survive for years inside and out.  Yes, use bleach on whatever hard surfaces you can including food and water bowls.  If the dog was on rocks or cement outside, dilute buckets of bleach and get those areas.
You need to wash all your cloths, even spray the bottoms of your shoes with diluted bleach.  Yes, they do sell other disinfectant products that will kill the virus.  Check with your Vet or maybe check Foster & Smith on line.
Problem is, you should not bring any animals on your property unless they are fully inoculated.  
Do a Google search fir more information.
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I have had experience with parvo several times in my home because I have cared for several litters of pups that had the illness.  The only thing that can kill parvo is bleach or the stuff they use in the vet offices--I can't remember the name of it.  I have carpets and vinyl flooring....parvo is tracked via your shoes, the pets feet, and in the air.  If your dog was in a certain room, that room needs to be disinfected by bleach as well.  I used  a spray bottle with a diluted bleach solution.  If your dog went outdoors to potty, that area needs to be sprayed as well.  It is important to do this because parvo can live on surfaces and in the dirt for as long as 10 years.  It is a virus spread by insects, birds, squirrels or anyone that has walked in your yard or house....even you going to the store can spread it.  
I am sorry you had to deal with this, and hope your pet is better.  Keep in touch if you'd like.
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