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Histocytic sarcoma recommended diet?

I have a 9 year old golden retriever that was just diagnosed with histocytic sarcoma.  I saw on an earlier post that a high protein low starch (anti-cancer) diet was recommended and Aleda Cheng indicated that she would post the diet if wanted.  The person did not request the diet, but I would be very interested in the diet.  Does anyone have any information on this diet?  I know the prognosis for my dog is not good, so any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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Cancer Diets are always low carb...I would suggest using the "Honest Kitchen" foods....These are dehydrated whole foods.....Some of their choices DO have grains, but they are whole grains like Oats, Rye, or Quinoa...These are still considered low carb.....There's a difference here as opposed to typical dog foods that are full of cheap grains such as corn, wheat & soy making up the bulk of the product.....Actually, there is no comparison!

Their line also includes many grain free choices.

You might want to visit their web sight for further information.....You can also purchase samples that make a pound of fresh food for $3.50.....

I have fed this food for years & years...Also, have tried every flavor....Can't wait till they come out with something new!!! Rumor has it that they are working on a dehydrated unpasterized goats milk.....That will be wonderful and I'm looking forward to it......The healing properties of raw goatsmilk are incredible.....We love all their treats, also! My crew here has never turned any of them down......

Good luck to you and your guy/girl......Your in my thoughts....Karla
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Sorry, I don't but I suggest you check some of the Yahoo canine cancer boards.  They were a great help to me, for one, when our Greyhound had Lymphoma.
Good luck
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