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House training 1 year old after living in kennel

I recently lost three yorkies in a house fire.  Once we rebuilt the house, I purchased a 1 year old from a kennel.  We have a dog door that she can go in and out but she comes inside to pee.  She is really good about doing her pooh outside but she seriously has come in from outside to pee.  What do I do?  She was said to be trained to a piddle pad - but she isn't.  I know the problem is that she has gone in her living space for a year but there has to be help.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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dont use a piddle pad because that encourages them to pee in the house , i would try crate training.use vingear where she has gone pee never anything with ammonia because urine has it in it and she will smell it and  it will encorage her to go pee there,vingear dogs hate the smell of so they wont go pee there.i used to work in a vets office and know alot about dogs
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ohh and i am so sorry t hear about the fire
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So sorry to hear you lost your Yorkies in a fire. How sad.  
I agree with Kathie about the piddle pads and using a crate for training.  You have to remember you have a kennel dog and she has to be trained to a house now.  Add to that, for some reason, these small dogs can be so hard to house train. I had Yorkies years ago and had a male (neutered) that just would not stop marking my dining room table.  
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