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How long for a dog with kidney disease?

Hi, this is my first post here after reading a lot of posts. (now sat in tears at some of your letters)
I have a 10 year old westie, who was diagnosed with kidney disease about 10 weeks ago. On the 2nd visit 4 weeks ago the vet said his urine reading was slightly better.
I have changed his diet to KD and the vet has given him metacam as his back legs seem very stiff and keep going under him.   He seems lively in himself, but I have to carry him up and down stairs and even the step to my garden.
He is urinating a lot, I assume due to the extra water he is drinking, and sometimes just does it where he is lying.
He has now started shivering a lot, not all the time but quite often.
I assume this is a sign that it is getting worse?
How long can I realistically expect him to be with me for? He and his brother are my life and am dreading the day!!
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Hello Megasue...Welcome to the forum...Please join our Kidney Disease Group....Look over>>to your right, on this page....Click on "groups"....It will bring up a link for Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs.....Click there....

The leader of this group will help you with your questions and concerns.....

We're glad your here......
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Hi, Sue.  I'm sorry aout your fur-baby having such a hard time, and you, as well.  It's hard for us to know beyond what vets tell us about our pets.  Fact is YOU know your dog.  Is he mostly happy?  Having a quality dog-life?  Or is he suffering more than necessary?  So sorry to say this, but our responsibility as pet owners is to ask the hard questions, and have a truthful answer for them when things begin to slide downward health-wise for our fur babies.  It is something ONLY you can know and do something about - not allowing them to suffer.  Enjoy your time with him now, and make good memories, take lots of pictures - these will be your life-line when the time comes.  And it WILL come.  Nothing lives forever :'(  Hugs - Blu
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Hi. I'm hoping you will join our User Group, the description of how to find it has been given by Misfits above). But just in case you don't ... I think your dog has a calcium deficiency or has excessive phosphorus or ureamia (these are common in mid to late stage kidney failure in dogs), hence the weakness in the hind legs. Have you noticed him trembling or having tremors? This is also indicative of the above conditions.

Get your vet to check calcium and phosphorus levels, if they haven't already done it.

MORE IMPORTANT ... you need to withdraw the use of Metacam straight away (cut the dose down by half every day until you can safely stop it completely over the course of several days). This should NEVER be used in a dog with renal failure. It will, in fact, almost certainly make the kidney failure worse. I suggest talking to another vet and one with more knowledge and experience. In the meantime, start giving your dog some Milk Thistle, which may counteract some of the problems potentially caused by giving metacam - it will also help protect and heal any liver damage.

If you join our User group, please start a post using your dog's name and give a brief history, what you are now feeding and any blood level results you have. This will help me and others give you some suggestions and answer any questions you may have.

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Hi. I meant to add a link about Metacam and why it shouldn't be used in renal failure, just so you and others can read up on it. Here's a fairly comprehensive explanation of the drug, what it does and its common side effects:



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