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How many pounds is in the kibble bag? TOTW

I just ordered a bag of Taste of the Wild (TOTW) Pacific Stream Kibble from Amazon.  The bag listing says it is a 30 pound bag, but the shipping details show the shipping weight is 28.6 pounds.  What do you suppose this means?  Perhaps Amazon has negotiated a lower than actual shipping weight?

I ordered in any case as the price per pound is about $1.5, and the brand is gets a 4 star rating in "dogfoodadvisor" on the web.

My last bag of kibble was a 14 pound bag of Nature's Recipe Salmon and Sweet Potato.  It has a "sale price" of $31 for 14 pounds at a local dog food store where I last purchased it, that's over $2 a pound and it is in the 3 star group of the "adviser"

I will try to weight the bag when it arrives, and I bet it is 30 pounds.  I think I have seen this strange conflict of information on other purchases on Amazon.

I have a 20 pound Westie, so 30 pounds lasts a long time.

I'd be interested in any comments on the TOTW brand.
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Here's a review:


You need to shop places that offer free shipping if you spend $50.....Especially, heavy bags or cans of dog food....Doggiefood.com or Chewy's.com are the two places I buy from.......Amazon charges shipping.........Karla
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Thanks, but Amazon does not charge shipping on most items if the total, of all items purchased (may ship in more than one shipment) is $25 or over.  The dog food qualifies by itself at $47.  

Now here's another interesting fact, when one takes the free shipping it is made clear the order will be shipped with the lowest priority... that just means it may take longer for the item to be in the hands of the carrier - once the carrier gets the item it travels at their normal handling.  Now the interesting item, I ordered the dog food (after consulting the "advisory" ) late yesterday evening.  It is scheduled for delivery today.  Not here yet, at 9:30 AM : )   Good thing as I have only a couple days food left on my shelf.  When I ordered I figured I'd have to buy a small bag locally and that can go for over $3 a pound.  Thoughts like these make my happy I have a small dog.  But he makes up on lower cost of feeding with a high cost of veterinarian care and prescriptions.  One of my concerns is food allergies.   I am not yet (he's been in our family just over 1 year) sure on that point.  The matter may be complicated by allergies to lots of "stuff" no just his food.  He is on Benadryl and that may help some, not sure here either.  Still, when his itching gets so bad he starts to eat his paws it is time for more steroids.  
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Dog food arrived today, it took Amazon 2 days (using their free shipping) instead of the forecasted one day.

Our picky Westie loves it.  The kibble is a bit larger than the Natures Recipe that he had been eating.   Maybe he likes the bigger chew, in spit of his missing teeth.  I sprinkle water on the top, not to make a broth but to just wet the kibble.

I didn't weigh the  bag but it is big and heavy, at least a months worth of food when used as his daily main dish.  

I'm still looking for a good can (wet) dog food that doesn't cost over $2,00 a can, that's more than I pay for canned soup for myself.  I'd like to find one with a nice gravy which I can use to dress-up his kibble.

One problem it we think fish is best as he has allergies to something, maybe chicken and beef.  What kind of a dog could be allergic to chicken and beef?   We have a Westie that appears to be.  But, we're not sure as he still has skin/itch problems and he has been fed mostly Salmon a nd Sweet Potato kibble.
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"Taste of the Wild" makes a wonderful canned product IN Gravy....I see it for 25.50 for 12 13oz. cans at Doggiefood.com.......That's real close to what you want, price wise.....They make ALL the same proteins that match their dry foods.....FYI, Taste of the wild is sold only at Farm & Tractor Supply stores & NOT large chain food pet stores......Sutherlands, Orschelns, Farm & Tractor Suppy, to name a few...There is probably one in your area.....Karla
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Thanks, there is a Tractor Supply about 7 miles from home.  I know they have a large pet (from horses do mice - size range) and I recalled seeing TOTW somewhere.  I looked before ordering form Amazon at PetSmart which is about 2 miles from home.  By the way, we are happy with the grooming ou Westie got from PetSmat about 2 months ago.. I wonder if were were lucky or if they are consistent.... we'll see when we try them agian in a week or two.

Change of subjects, but ... grooming is another place I'd like to take more DIY action on, even to just stretch the professional work.  But this guy would require a muzzle to do any serious "stripping".. some light trimming with scissors can be done. I have found that I can do some raking when drying him after a bath  He behaves well when given a bath.  We don't know where/how his first 8 years of life were spent, but it seems he had a bath on a regular basis.

He continues to be a challenge, and his diet is part of that:  something he will eat and to which he is not allergic.  I have added a Dentastix as a reward for putting drops (ointment) in his eyes.  He loves them and they are supposed to help clean teeth.   I'll try again to see what is in them, even a small snack can cause problems I think.
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