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How much more should I do for my dog?

I adopted a 15-year-old beagle in August. She has osteoarthritis, cataracts, deafness in one ear, periodontal disease, and the beginnings of congestive heart failure which has given her a bad cough. She's also very bloated. She's been taking furosemid (Lasix) for over a week and although she just started peeing more, the bloating hasn't changed. I wonder how much more to do for her, considering her age and her medical problems. The treatment is very expensive. She mostly sleeps. She still has a good appetite, and she doesn't seem to be suffering.
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Wow, you don't often hear about many who will adopt a senior dog.

Sounds like age is taking it's course and you are managing as best you can. I am sure you know these issues will only progress.
Hard to make these decisions but I feel it often comes down to a quality of life issue.  You know the dog best and  if she is in pain.  I think you will know when it is time.  Truly, sometimes this is can be the last act of love we can do for them.
My hat is off to you.
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Thanks, Margot! I appreciate your thoughts.

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Thank you jopeer for being so kind to make sure a senior dog will have a loving place to spend the rest of her time with someone who cares.
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I sincerely wish there were more people just like you. I have only ever taken in rescues, and if I could I would take all the older dogs, just to give them some happiness and contentment and love in the winter of their lives. You are one in a million.

Margot said it right. You know your dog better than anyone else. Is it time? Maybe ... she will tell you when she's ready to leave. Is she contented? Is she still able to enjoy life with you? If not, then perhaps a decision needs to be made. But if she still has a little spark in her eyes, then maybe today is not the right time to make that dreadfully hard decision.

My heart goes out to you. Cyber hugs to you both. Tony
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Welcome to the forum,
Your Vet needs to add a Heart medication w/the lasix. The combo works beautifully..... Neither medication is expensive! It's more than likely the periodontal disease that caused the Heart disease. That's normally how it works....

Personally, if she still has an appetite and doesn't seem to be suffering, then I would wait it out....I do have my reasons:

To me--It's about giving her the best days of her life (Even if they're limited)!
Why? Because we don't know her past & the fact that someone dumped her at a shelter at this age speaks VOLUMES about her owners....

Kudos to YOU for such a Wonderful save!!!! You have my blessings...Please, give her a hug and kiss from me!  Karla
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