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How to feed dog liquid when he refuses to eat

We are currently going through appts. and tests (x-rays, ultrasound on Thu.) to try to identify why Bamboo is no longer eating. He is not rejecting food because he is being picky. He actually seems to want to eat food - but when it is offered to him, and he sniffs it, he immediately turns away - recoils from it.
He is down at least 10 pounds (8 the last time we weighed him several days ago).
On x-ray, the wall of his stomach appears thickened. We suspect stomach cancer. He is a chow - and I'm told they top the list for stomach cancer - especially the males.
We also suspect ulcers in his throat from regurgitation - due to acid reflux? And when he smells food, it causes the digestive juices to burn the ulcers and make him not want to eat.
How do we bypass his throat, and get liquid nutrition to his stomach? And - do we really want to do that before we find out from the ultrasound more information?
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Thank you so much for your reply :)  Yes - have seen vet, done x-rays, due for ultrasound this Thursday.  I feel it's too late, so taking steps on my own.  The more I read, the more I think it is simply a pretty bad case of gastroesophageal reflux.  This morning I gave him some Carafate, along with a mix of soaked chia seed and honey.  This "food" mixture went right dow - he didn't choke, gag, or try to spit it up :)  I not have an optimistic outlook that overcoming the acid reflux is possible. He's only 10 - and seems to have a great deal of energy despite not eating.  No blood come out either end ;) - so I'm ruling out stomach cancer - though the vet expressed concerns about his thickened stomach wall.  'm hoping a few days of chia seed and honey will provide a perfect environment for his esophagus to heal to the oint that he will accept other foods.
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Sorry to read this.  Have you discussed it with the Vet?  Only way I know of to bypass the stomach is to have a feeding tube inserted.
I had a Sheltie years ago that had an esophagus burn and he was on medication to keep it coated but I can't remember the name and his records are packed away.  It did help and he could eat a soft diet.  Sorry, but if it is stomach cancer, that is painful.  Did your Vet give you any meds for nausea and reflux?  You might check on a liquid diet for dogs (like Ensure for people).  You could get a dental syringe ( they have a curved end) and that can be put way back in the side of the mouth and liquid be given in small amounts at a time.  Have you tried blending a gruel for feeding?  You could use bland ingredients like cooked chicken and rice and some vegetables.  I would add some calf liver.
If worried. Your Vet should be open tomorrow and maybe you can ask these questions.
Good luck.
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