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Husky stopped eating, having trouble walking

I've read the other posts here and my case is just a little different.  My 10-year-old Siberian Husky (her name is Matzi), is having some trouble.  She's slowed down a bit in the past few years and we've been giving her a good supplement for arthritis.  Sometimes, she acts just like a pup and you wouldn't know that she's older but she likes to lie around and is a bit slow to get up.  Once she gets up and walks around, she's fine.

But yesterday, I noticed that she was more lethargic than usual.  And today, she won't eat.  My husband said she drank a little water.  She's having trouble moving...very slow and unsure on steps (she only has a couple), and after she walks across the floor, she stops and decides if she needs to sit.  If she can, she'll keep going until she gets to where she wants to lie down.  But most of the time, she has to stop right where she is, and lie down.

I would say that this is a bad case of arthritis today, except that she has not eaten all day.  This NEVER happens.  She does not have diarrhea and she is not vomiting.  She lets me massage her and rub her tummy.

Her eyes show that she feels horrible and she's not opening them all the way.  I don't think there's anything wrong with them...I just think she feels rotten and/or in pain.  She has not made a sound all day, either.  And Matzi is known for talking a lot for food, to go in and out, for treats, etc.  She didn't talk yesterday, either.

It is Thanksgiving today and I live in a rural community so there is no vet until tomorrow.  I'm scared to death.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Sorry about the long post.
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I am so sorry that there was nobody around yesterday to field your question!  This board is manned by volunteers and, what with the holiday and all, everyone was otherwise occupied.  How are things going today?  Have things improved any with your girl?  If not, were you able to get her into the vet today?  Please post back with an update if you can.

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Yes, I did get her to the vet.  It was a football sized cancerous tumor.  We had just taken her to the vet two months before, for lethargy symptoms and they didn't find it.  Anyway, they suggested putting her down and I said no because the really bad stuff happened so fast.  I had to get my head around it.

I'm thankful that I did because it was a rawhide that caused the extreme trouble.  A week and a half later, she came back and we had three more great months with her.  By the time she was ready to go (she just stopped walking one day...she went down fast), it looked like the tumor had doubled.  It took three of us to wrap her in a blanket and carry her to the car.  Before they gave her the injection, she looked up at me, then set her head in my hand.  I was so heartbroken...still am.  She's been gone exactly seven weeks ago today.  

Thank you for your kind reply.  I know my message was bad timing but I wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions for me.  Thanks again.
Your post left me so sad.  Our dogs are so precious to us.  But she had a very good home and was loved and cared for.  Many dogs do not enjoy such lives. I wish you better times and hope, some time in the future, you can give another dog such a good, kind home.  Best wishes.
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