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I don’t know what to do if a vet says to put down my dog. How do I even begin.

I’ve had Gracie since I’ve been 14, she’s been my best friend and little girl. She has been having issues for a few months now. She’s a 9-10 year old rescue Lab, but I’ve noticed she’s not the same. Her appetite has been on and off, she’ll be sleeping and then cry suddenly in her sleep like she’s in pain, her underbelly has gotten more lump like nipples and they are black and crusty and sometimes end up peeling off and leaving this horrid smell and a yellow kind of gunk with it. She seems to have one large lump on her stomach and quite a few new smaller looking bumps near it.  Her ear has been acting up for about a year or so now. It gets yellow nasty smelling build up. I take care of it routinely and keep her clean as possible. She is my world and to not have her just makes me want to cry and I feel so empty. Most the time she seems happy and healthy, but sometimes I remember things are changing. I want what’s best for her but I’m scared that will be the thing that takes her away from me.
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I really feel for you, because it is obvious you and she are so bonded and you love her very much.
But you must put her welfare higher than your own fears.

Your girl urgently needs medical treatment.  She may even need surgery.  Even a mammary (breast) cancer -if it IS that, can often be cured by surgery alone. But that will not be cheap, and is likely to be a few hundred dollars/pounds etc.
Obviously I can't diagnose, and I don't know if that is what is wrong with her, but there may well be a solution to her health problems.

Now you might not have a lot of money for this, butit's up to you to find a way. If for instance you have a bank account, you may be able to go to the manager of that bank to arrange an overdraft to cover the costs of the vet's treatment or any surgery.
That would be the quickest way -or putting it on credit card if you have one and paying that off monthly.

But the most important thing is getting her seen by a vet and assessed and any treatment started as soon as you can.

I know how awful it is -to have in the back of your mind, the awareness that one day she will have to leave this world, and you feel you cannot bear it.
But don't let that fear hold you back from helping her now.

I felt exactly the same about my own dog. She eventually died age nearly 15. She was a Lab mix. I thought I couldn't live without her (and still do miss her to this day) But she soon showed me after she'd left....that her Soul and her love never ever really did leave me, and that she continues to love me. That was the most amazing thing to find out. They live on and always love us.

So do try to be brave, for her sake. Get her some medical help as soon as you can.
Blessings to your dog! And to you. I love anyone who loves a dog the way you do!
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