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I have the worst luck....cancer again?

ok so last june my 8 yr old golden died of mast cell cancer. We were pretty surprised as 8 in our minds is young also we always fed high quality foods such as acana.
anyway the month after we adopted a great pyrenees called winston and he has been with us for the past year.
Anyway I have had winston for about a year now and have been super focused on trying to limit his exposure to chemicals. I give him interceptor once very two months and he is not on flea/tick meds.
Winston is 3 yrs old....and great pyrs are healthy dogs.

well we went to the vet saturday after seeing a lump and the vet said it looked like a tick bite(i pulled what i thought was a tick off there so it makes sense) but to use antibiotic and it should heal in 72 hours. Well it never healed and we went back today because we found another round lump on his back leg!!!(i know ipulled something off of this lump but nto sure if it was a tick)

Anyway vet told us he;d be surprised if it was cancer but I think that's bc of our dog's age.....an since puppies get cancer that means nothing...

he aspirated him and we will get results wednesday.

it looks lie my second young dog will die from cancer...i am a jinx.
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You might think your jinxing your dogs, but I think they are very lucky, to have an owner that cares so much and tries to help them like you do.
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I can understand the worry you must be going through. Waiting for results of tests on our loved ones is a particular form of torture, I know.

While this MAY be cancer .....there is a way much higher likelihood of it being benign. Statistically -you'd be surprised how much higher the chance is that it is a benign lump!
Also, if by chance it IS cancer, there are many many dog cancersthat, caught at an early stage like this -are completely curable -yes COMPLETELY curable by surgical removal! OK not all....but many.

So be brave. Wait for the results. Don't be scared if this isn't benign, just schedule him for surgery A.S.A.P.
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idk if we'd do surgery with my last dog it was too much for us to handle...als othe spots r on his legs..

i bet they r only tick bites they have t be =(
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I know how you feel. Waiting till Wednesday must feel pretty dreadful. And then when the call comes you'll be scared answering it! I know because I'm the same!
At least you know you can come here and let off steam.

OK worst case scenario....Even if they ARE mast cell tumors, you have caught them early by the sound of it. It's highly likely they will be graded as "Grade 1". Grade 1 tumors have a good rate of success with treatment.

There is the possibility of using "Cryotherapy" on them (freezing them to death)

Anyway you don't know yet. This waiting for results is awful. I understand totally how you must feel.
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yah it's tough i dont want to pick up the phone.....i just feel jinxed my last dog had grade 3 aggressive ast cells and he was young at 8! My current dog is A Breed NOT Prone TO Cancer let alone mast cells, and he is only 3...so if he has them i know i mcursed!!!
I try to do everything right and it seems it doesnt matter im cursed!

i just know the call will be bad.
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I can just imagine how difficult it is waiting for the telephone call. I really do empathise. But ... let's hope the call creates more relief than anguish ... try to be optimistic. No owner is jinxed. Even though we all feel that way sometimes when things go badly, particularly in short succession. If it turns out that it is cancerous, then stay positive and look at the options open to you. As Ginger has already said, caught early, many cancers can be completely cured with the appropriate treatment. I'm keep my fingers crossed for you and your great pyranees (aren't these gentle giants just the most fantastic dogs and the best friends a human can have). Thinkinbg about you ... Tony
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