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I just need to know what this might be?

My dog is about 7 years old and she is a pit mixed with Weimaraner and she has a bump on her it's a hard bump on the inner flap of her ear, my grandpa is saying it might be cancer and my friend is saying it looks like a tumor I just need to know if that's a possibility. She is my baby girl and my boy friends so this is very important to me. Please respond soon guys. Thank you for your time.
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It looks like this guys except a lil smaller but not much http://www.organic-pet-digest.com/images/fluid-in-outer-ear-of-my-dog-21261571.jpg
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Hi. I can't tell from the picture whether that's a lump or a swelling (sometimes caused by infection). Lumps should always be considered suspicious, but more so if they are bleeding and/or change shape or colour over time. Dogs do tend to develop lumps of one kind or another, particularly as they mature, and most are cysts or fat deposits under the skin and nothing to be concerned about. The only real way of being certain about a suspicious lump is to have it analysed. A vet will insert a needle into the lump, remove some tissue cells and have them analysed under a microscope. Just ask your vet to perform this test if you are at all worried or concerned. Tony
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