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I need help. Everyday, my dog get more and more unstable.

She's a 8 year old chowbrador (Chow chow and Labrador, I believe, she just looks like a smaller lab and has black spots in her mouth).
She never used to be scared of anything. She learned fast, and was eager to learn. We took training classes at PetCo, and she knows how to do all the basic commands as well as some tricks.
Over time, she became scared of workers at PetCo, the Vet, and especially storms.
It just gets worse with time.
If we all leave the house, even for ten minutes, we'll come back to a house that's been rampaged, the trash is thrown around, her water bowl is torn apart, and if we leave her outside she rips up the screens and tries to get in the windows.
She has terrible anxiety. Nothing seems to help. Even Valium during storms does nothing.
Just recently, I tried to bring her upstairs to give her a bath, and she REFUSED to go up. I used treats, commands, I tried to force her but if I tried any harder I would've snapped her neck. *Sigh* What's next? Does she have some form of psychosis!? What the hell.
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Something had to have caused this, I have never seen dogs just flip with the exception of the one with a tumor on the brain..Have you though of blood tests and neuro workups?
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We once had a dog that trashed the house if we left or didn't keep an eye on him.  The standing joke in our house was, "where can we put things high enough so the dog doesn't go after it and trash the house! " Anyway,  I'm in the firm belief that dogs go through difficulties in changes of life styles, environments...routines, etc. I have worked with abused dog that have bitten right through my hand only to turn out to be the most gentle, kind, fun loving animal I've ever owned.  We found that working, talking, training you dog to accept his new environment may take some time.  Eventually, with your love and support...the dog will stop going through any type of anxiety that he/she is experiencing.  Also, a lot of groomer are using a drug called Trazadone that calms done the animals with anxiety disorders.  Our vet gave this to our dog who is older and now going blind.  It takes the edge off the animal's fears.  Don't give up hope...you're not alone.  When we moved to a new house 8 years ago. I brought the dogs into the house when there wasn't any furniture.  They went through the entire house inspecting and seeking out some sort of comfort.  We found that helping them to adjust with similar routines or favorite toys or just plain telling them they are safe seemed to work.  Good Luck...don't give up the ship and I'll be praying for you and your animal!
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