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Infant Paracetamol Prescribed :(

I am wintering in Mexico and I unfortunately did not do any research on this before giving it to my dog as prescribed by a vet down here. I've now learned that paracetamol is toxic to dogs and I'm very upset. I only gave him one dose of what was prescribed and this was over a week ago and no visible reactions have occurred (yet) but I would like to ask someone's help in figuring out how much he was actually prescribed/given. I found one site that had some information on what amount is toxic to dogs and I'm hoping that what I gave to my dog is well under that. The site is http://www.provet.co.uk/health/diseases/paracetamol.htm and says:

In dogs much higher doses (250mg/kg body weight) are needed to induce toxicity - which results in liver and kidney failure.

So I've visited some medicine dosage conversion sites but I am horrible at math to begin with and this is just overwhelmingly difficult for me to figure out exactly what amount was given to him. So here is the information that I hope will enable one of you to help me work this out.

The medicine bottle says this: 3.2 g/ 100 ml

He was prescribed/given: 2 cc (which if I understand correctly is 2 ml?)

How much was he given?

He weighs 27.5 lbs which as I understand it is 12.5 kg.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Wow you're a wizard! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it as it eases my mind.
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2ml is 2% of 100ml. (100ml=3.2grams.) 3.2 grams is 3,200mg. 2% of 3,200mg is 64mg.  Total dose you gave him=64mg.  If the toxicity level is 250mg per kilo body weight, it does sound like this is well under that.
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