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Introducing a new Community Leader


Please join me in welcoming Misfits4me as your new CoCommunity Leader for the Dogs Community.   Misfits4me has helped many people on the community, and we look forward to her working with your Co-CL's, to help your Community continue to improve and grow.

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Congratulations Karla! A huge welcome from me! It will be great to have you as a member of the team. You have done so much to help the Dogs Community already, so a big thanks too.
Ginger :-)
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Yes, Congrats Karla.  You are definitely an asset to this forum!!
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Thank you Ginger & Margot for the Nice Compliments! I do appreciate them.....

Both of you also deserve credit for making this Forum successful.....I hope others with knowledge, will share w/us to help even more Pet owners....To you both: Job Well Done!!!!

Thank you again, Karla
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Could not happen to a lovelier person you will do a fantastic job my Angel.

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Your answers are always very knowledgeable, you'll do great.
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Congrats Misfits4Me~~~
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Seeana, Lindapalm & Dominosarah:

Thank you all for your kind words.....I struggle w/ this forum sometimes, but try to keep a positive attitude about it.....Hoping I might help one canine, keeps me coming back....Other times I want to "Scream" as I'm sure you all can understand what I'm talking about...

Thank you all for your well wishes.....I'll try to do my best.....Sincerely, Karla

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