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Is Blaze going to be okay?

I have a 1 year old Staffordshire bull terrier/ Shepard mix . Recently when I got home from work he had a little swollen lump under his eye. His looked looked completely fine and he wasn't wincing when I touched it but it looks like he hit his face on something. My sister was home and said at one moment while carrying a toy, he yelped but other than that he was sleep. I decided to check his mouth but he wouldn't let me and actually snipped at my finger for trying. Not hard enough to hurt but I felt his teeth. I looked online extensively and found that possible putting ice pack on his face may help but when I tried he wouldn't let me put it on his face. He continued to move his head around and I couldn't tell if he was just active or didn't really want me to do it. Later he wanted to play and tried to pull the cover off the bed and yelped in pain again. I tried to inspect his mouth and he yelped again and ran. Lastly , I tried to give him a treat and instead of eating it striaght away he put it down multiple times before deciding to eat it. Everything is pointing to what I see online as a tooth abscess but I'm not sure I could pay for him to go to the vet at a time like this. Please tell me it's not a tooth abscess and I could stop worrying because there's some small fix I could do for $5 :(.
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So sorry but there is no way I could tell you what is wrong.  From what you are describing, it could definitely be an abscess and needs to be treated by a Vet.  The infection could cause a lot of systemic problems if not treated.  Add to that, he is obviously in pain.  Part of pet ownership can be the expense of medical care.  I see you wrote this a few days ago.  Please send an update.  Find or borrow the money.  Most Vets will take Care Credit.
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Margot is correct, your dog needs to see a vet ASAP.  If it's a tooth abcess and it ruptures it can make him quite sick.  Unfortunately, when our pets get sick, it is rarely a case of a quick fix unless it is something very minor like a small cut or scrape.  It is always bets to have them evaluated by a vet because small problems can become giant issues if you just let them go.  Your boy is obviously in a lot of pain from this so you need to act quickly and get him to the vet today.  Just think of it as you wouldn't want to sit in pain with an abcessed tooth for days, so chances are your dog doesn't want to either, nor should you want him to.  Please post back and update us with what the vet says.

I once had a tooth abscess which took a long time to sort out as I was waiting for appointments...etc and was in the middle of arranging a new dentist.
It was the most excruciating debilitating pain which made eating very difficult.
Then one day I felt it start to spread to my system. That was the most horrible experience. I honestly felt I was going to die, and didn't mind about that one bit because I wanted anything to take the illness and pain away!
I could hardly walk, hardly move, was shaking all over, couldn't eat, felt I was going to pass out, had fever and my heart was racing.

Do you want your beloved dog, your best friend, to feel like that?

Sell, borrow, do what you can to get him seen by a vet.

Then get a svaings account in place, or insurance, or charitable assistance set up -or something....for any future illnesses (which he surely will get!)
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