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Is my chihuahua having seizures?

I have a 2 1/2 year old male Reindeer Chihuahua, and a few weeks ago while my friend was puppy sitting and called me and said to come home that he thinks Buster (my dog) is having a seizure. So of course I came home and he seemed fine.  I asked what happened he said that Buster just started to shake and making this weird face and his mouth was like distorted and he started foaming at the mouth then it was over.  Well today he did the same thing for no reason it just happened and this time I noticed his eyes got real big and it looked like he was in a trance or something, I of course freaked out when he started to salivate uncontrollably and then he started to foam at the mouth. it only lasted a few seconds then he was fine. I am disabled and he is a service dog I can't afford the vet but if i have to I will find a way to come up with money. My question is could this be a seizure? he is up to date on all vaccination and rabies.  What else might this be?  Please help me my whole life depends on my best friend and if something were to happen to him I would not be able to cope or survive the loss of him.  What do I do??
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It definitely sounds like some sort of seizure activity.  I would have him checked out by a vet.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he is epileptic, since chihuahuas are VERY prone to hypoglycemia, which can cause seizures.  It might not amount to you having to give him an anti-seizure drug every day, if it's caused by hypoglycemia you can combat the seizures by giving her several small meals a day instead of feeding her once a day as you would an adult dog.  Because of their small size and nervous demeanor, chihuahuas have a high metabolism and need to have food periodically during the day to accommodate that metabolism.  Check with your vet, he or she will examine your dog and advise you accordingly, but my money is going to go on hypoglycemia.

Please post back and let us know what the vet says.

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My little Poodle had the same symptoms as your dog & it was a seizure...just one though.  She also had Pancreatitis & was a sick baby. She did recover though...after a 4 day stay at the Vet.
When she had a seizure, she laid on her side, kicking & thrashing her legs, foaming at the mouth & lost her bodily functions. She stared & her eyes were huge. She was out of it for about 4-5 minutes. I freaked, but my friends were here & took over, than we wrapped her up & took her to the ER Vet. Of course this happened New Years Eve..at night when my Vet was away. After many tests & scans & treatments, she did get alot better. Thank God.

Please take your dog to a Vet so they can see whats causing this. I see that you love your dog like we all do here & thats great. I know that you will do whats best for him.

P.S....what is a Reindeer Chihuahua??? My friend rescues them but never heard of "Reindeer".


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They're actually called "Deer" chihuahuas, not "Reindeer" chihuahuas.  It's a term developed by "breeders" who breed the long-legged, lanky type of chi (think Taco Bell dog) as opposed to the Chihuahua as it looks when bred to the standard.  The dogs that are bred to the standard are referred to as "Apple-headed" chihuahuas.  

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