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Is my dog ok after surgery?(pic)

my dog just had quite a big leg surgery and had two stitches in her chest as a dog attacked her , her chest is red and I m not sure if this is normal, she had the operation a day ago , I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen before and would let me know if this is normal or concerning please thank you . Here is a picture I just took
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I didn't check the photo.  If your dog just had surgery  and you have any concerns, you should call your Vet.
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i am so very sorry your dog went through this,
dog attacks can be horrific and tramatic on
both the owner as well as the pet.
I'm thinking you should contact your vet,tell
them you are conserned,tell them what you
There are no charges for return check-up's
right after the surgery so perhaps it might be
better to just make an appointment and take
her back,then you will know for sure.
Please come back and let us know what you
found out...I hope she is ok again very soon.
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I looked at the photo and the laceration itself appears to be clean.  I think the redness you are seeing MAY be bruising, but you should really call your vet and tell them and see what they say.  When surgery is performed, any and all post-surgical care is covered under the cost of the surgery, so it shouldn't cost you any more than you have already paid to take her in for him to check her out.  It would just be best to play it safe and let the vet look.  They know what their post-surgical sites traditionally look like so they will be able to tell at a glance whether or not everything is as it should be, whereas you and I could sit and guess all day long from looking at the photo but it's just not the same as actually seeing the wound.  Best of luck to you!

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