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Just Had Beloved Dog Put To Sleep

My darling Toby was 2 years old when I adopted him four years ago.  He went blind earlier this year, and never adjusted to it.  He got more aggressive, and he and I suffered depression together. (I am on depression site too).

Vet said kindest thing to do, as he had no quality of life, and he was biting and growling a lot.  He slept on my bed from the day I got him, and I shall miss him so very much.  We have to make the decision when to let our beloved dogs go, but I feel so guilty.  

I am crying aand crying.  I shall miss him so very much.  I am old now, and will not get another dog.  They give us so much pleasure, but we know we will outlive them.  This was the hardest decision to make.  I shall be lonely without him here, but I know he was not happy.

At least I gave him a good life for four years, but 6years is too early to go.  
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You poor thing! I really feel for you and am so sorry. This has come as a great shock to me, as he sounded so feisty from your other posts about him, but his aggression could have been a symptom of something wrong which was deeper, like a health issue. But if the vet decided that the kindest thing was to put him to sleep -there must have been a sound reason.
I am so sorry sweetheart. I know what this is like. It has to be one of the worst things ever. It's a hollow, empty feeling when a dog goes. The saddest thing is they do not live long enough.
PM me if you need to talk. You are most welcome.
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My heart weeps for you.
Thoughts, prayers & strength be with you.


My best friend closed his eyes last
night, As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through
my head, As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

--- Jan Cooper --- 1995
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I am so sorry for your loss.  It is one of the hardest things to go through. Remember all the joy your little four legged friend has given you and know you did what was best for him.  He will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.  And what a beautiful poem posted by  el_em_en_oh.  Once again honey, I am so sorry.
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Oh, I am so sorry!  A friend of mine had a similar situation last year with her cocker spaniel.  He was never good w/grooming, and as he got older he got frantic with storms.  She tried all the medicines, wraps, crating, you name it.  Then he started having episodes with no storm trigger and would rush at her and bite her for no reason, then be fine.
The doctor thought ther was a good chance of a brain tumor, but the testing was very expensive and there wasn't a good prognosis.  Neither one of them had any quality of life at this point, as he was always upset and whining when not actually raging.
You gave this dog your heart and a great life, he had MANY more good years that he would not have had if you had not found each other.
My heart grieves for you.  Feel free to PM if you want.  You will be in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry about your loss.  My heart goes out to you.         sara
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maddie, my dear friend how sad I feel for you today. I want to send you a huge hug and let you know we all understand your sorrow. the love we have for our little companions is so deep within us the pain of loss cuts hard.
Poor beautiful little Toby, he was such a darling. you did what you needed to and you did it out of love....that doesn't make the loss any easier though I know.
He will live on in your heart dear.......♥Opus
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I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly do understand how difficult a decision it must of been to make and how difficult it will be to adjust to day to day life without your beloved dog. I know that I will experience this eventually with my 9 year old. Hugs and prayers are being sent to you.
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I am in tears reading all your kind messages.  Last night was so difficult with no Toby on my bed.  I keep expecting to see him.  I just cry and cry, I miss him so much.  I loved him to bits.

I won't be on this site again as I now have no dog.

My love to all you lovely people, who have such kind hearts.  My dear friends.  Thank you.
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Oh Maddie...I am so sorry!  I know your pain and it's awful!
I too, live with an aggressive dog & it's tough being on guard all the time....I understand completely what your going through......

Please know, that I think you made the right decision.....Thank you for not pawning Toby off on another family to make them have to live the same nightmare! That's what happened to me and his original family never gave me a clue!

Please know that I am thinking about you and I'm praying for some "Peace" for your heart.....You can PM me if you need to talk or just vent.....Sincerely, Karla
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My darling girl .I know what depression is and you must not do this on your own.! please please get another guardian angel to be by your side.

I know Charlie would have wanted this we all need love and what purer love can we get than from a dog,start to see the world again with another little soul. So many out there on death row  hoping with all their heart......... pick me pick me if not for you! for them.

In saving a life from despair and hopelessness the boundaries become blurred who is helping who.

I firmly and resolutely believe there is a little scrap out there waiting for you,

GO FOR IT.......................Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
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BTW......you are very welcome to come on here you know, any time you like. God bless.
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House seems so emptu.  As I am 70, I don't feel I can cope with another dog, so have decided to rescue a cat.  I need company in my old age.

Bless all you dog lovers.
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If you do decide to adopt a cat, please consider a grown one from your local SPCA.  I volunteer at one, and the kittens are always the first ones to get adopted, the ones that are a year old and up wait and wait, some have been in there for years, and not because there is anything wrong with them.  Good Luck.
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I am so sorry to hear that. It must have been very difficult. You did what was best for your dog. I am sorry.
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You sure don't LOOK 70y/o.

If I age HALF as gracefully as you seem to have, I'll be in fantastic shape!

Congratulations on your decision to rescue a cat. Not a cat person myself, although I seem to have ended up with 2 of them, along with my 6 dogs. I'm a sucker for a stray cat wandering around in the rain & cold!
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