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Kennel Cough

Hey guy. I know kennel cough is relatively just something that needs to pass but I was wondering if theres something more I could do to help her.

She started showing symptoms a week ago. She started antibiotic treatment and medicam 5 days ago (she also had a throat infection). She still eats and drinks fine. She still has energy and wants to play with the other dogs.

Of course the concerning part is shes bringing up the mucus and phlegm in her lungs from the kennel cough. She has done this about a dozen times today. Does this just mean it's starting to break up and it's clearing away. I haven't dealt with KC before as my dogs have always been vaccinated and she was too, but seems as though she caught it anyway.

Anyway. She is on the antibiotics for 21 days, and medicam for another day. I have been boiling eucalyptus oil on the stove and taking her in the bathroom with me when I shower for exposure to steam. I have been giving her a little honey every few hours for her throat as well.

I know it's not an emergency. Just curious is there's anything else I can do for her. Any owner who loves there dog would understand how heartbreaking it is to see their dog coughing so hard they bring up mucus...
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