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Kidney Failure

About three weeks ago found out my best friends numbers were off the charts. First vet suggested euthanasia, second gave me some options. I have been researching like crazy and trying everything possible, hollistic and prescribed by the vet. My Daisy, who will be 17 in April has been fighting hard. We have been doing SB fluids twice daily at home, along with many other things around the clock. I allowed my hopes to get to high. She has been so happy and alert, earing again (though still reluctantly) then the last couple days has started to refuse food again. Ive bought every option available and cooked many other options, she just won't eat it. She still keeps sniffing around looking for "junk" food dropped by my little ones. Today she stole a doughnut! Why would she be so drawn to eat junk food? I'm considering adding sugar to her food even though i know it is bad for her. I feel i have nothing to lose. She is waisting away and i can't watch her starve to death.

Another question. Does anyone have some great tips for giving the sb fluids? She is starting to fight me and it's breaking my heart, lately she is jerking around so much i end up having to stab her multiple times. I cannot keep doing this! I know if i stop the fluids she will get worse quickly but am not ready for that decision. I don't want to.be selfish and keep making her fight but i don't want to give up too soon as she is so happy agin, following me around again. How can i ever decide when she has had enough? This emotional roller coaster is killing me. I have had daisy since i was 11! She got me through soooo many hard times, now it is my turn but i feel i am not being strong enough for her. Please help
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