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Kidney failure

Today my Australian Shepherd started bleeding blood rectally he is at the vets right now. He has had kidney failure for years now due to the recall on dogfood from China.We are waiting for the vet to get back off a horse run. he stood in the vets office on the rug and just peed which is so out of character for him,he has been moaning alot lately and has lost another 8 pounds,he now weighs only 40 pounds. He has lost a total of 48 pounds in 7 months.I am so afraid we are going to have to put him down today.
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I am so sorry your poor guy is going through this. I just do hope there is something the vet can do that will help him. Kidney failure is such an awful thing to see them struggle through.
Why not post your question on the Ask A Vet forum, where you will get answers from qualified veterinarians who may be able to help and advise you better. (Scroll down this page to "Related Expert Forums" on the right, and click on "Animal Health General"
Here's hoping he'll be ok. God bless.
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I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. We just put one of our dogs down. It has been about a month and I still miss her so much. But you cannot not let him suffer. Be there for him. I did not go into the room as they put my girl to sleep and I regret it today. I hope all goes well for y'all, Take care.
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