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Kidney failure

Hi my dog is 3 year old took her vet cos she was sick it was green so they took a blood test and it came back of the scales the vet said its says high  for the urea 46.4 and crea 749 and phos says 5.2  but she drinking plenty of water and eats bits of chicken  only bits tho she gon skinny but we take her for walk and she loves it like her old self and the vets did not give us anything and said ther nothing they can do to help only put her on fluids but that ment keeping her at vets and it wouldn't help in long run just make her comfonable I can't understand why they not gave her note to help and her I thort they help more with her only being 3 years old can anyone advice me if ther is anything I can do
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Hi. This sounds more like acute renal poisoning to me, but even if it is standard kidney failure there's still lots that can be done. Please join our User Group (Misfits4Me explains how above). Where do you live (country and region of the country)? What are you feeding your dog (please give specifics and full details)?

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Hello Ladytee---There are many things you can do....Your Vet should have offered you some of them....We have a Kidney Disease Group within this forum...Over to the right on this page>>>>>Click the "Group" Link and you will find it....The leader of the forum is extremely knowledgeable & will help you.....
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