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i have two pit bulls one is 4 and the other is about 8 or 9. they both have really loud gurgling noises coming from their stomachs. almost like we do when we are hungry but way louder. is it because they ate something bad?? my male eats no problem,my female is kinda picky, but usually has no problems. all day yesterday my female's stomach was going off and also this morning. now my males stomach is doing the same thing,(right now he is here in the room with me and i can hear his stomach clearly). neither one has diarrea or vomitting. just loud noises. can anyone tell me what is wrong with them? or what i can do?
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hi, thanks, i think that it was just that, something they ate. because they are both better today. my male like to chew and eat any ball he has ever gotten! football, soccer ball, hard ball, soft ball, any and all balls! but my female doesn't even like to be outside. thanks!!
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I have 3 pit bulls, and they have all done this occasionally.  It usually is due to eating something weird, as they are prone to do (as I'm sure you know lol)!
I would keep monitoring food & fluid intake, and as long as there is no vomitng, retching, diarrhea or straining (like something is not coming out correctly) they should be okay.  If it continues, call the vet just to make sure.
Is it possible they both found something 'tasty and disgusting' together while in the yard?
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