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Labrador Chewing Tail (Bleeding and hair loss)

My 5-year-old Labrador Retriever, Blacky, has been chewing her tail for the past 4 days. I'd never noticed her biting her tail until I saw a small patch of hair missing toward the base of her tail. I thought maybe something had bitten her. I kept an eye on it, and I still never noticed her biting it. Then, I finally noticed she was the one  biting her tail. Now, there's a larger patch of hair missing and there are tooth marks on her tail. I'm definitely taking her to the vet, most likely tomorrow. For now, I've been wiping it off with 50/50 water & peroxide. Then I put on some Neosporin. She had a cone from a previous surgery that I tried putting on her, but she somehow always reached her tail. What could be causing this chewing? It looks really nasty and she's VERY sensitive to me touching her tail. After washing it off and applying the Neosporin, she'll run from me and it'll take a few hours of her warming up to me again until she'll re approach me. She's very good about not licking off the Neosporin though.
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While your at the Vet, make sure they do a skin scrape to rule out Mites......In my experience, your Vet will probably say Allergies.....Don't accept that until mites are ruled out......If a skin scrape is negative, then I'm going with A Flea allergy that has now become infected due to the chewing......Ask about Antibiotics.....Good luck & let us know what you find out.....Karla
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Tail chewing can have many causes from fleas to a possible bug bite, a skin problem going on to anxiety.  If the treatments at home aren't working you should have it checked by your Vet.  
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