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Large Bumps On My Dog's Back?

My dog, Angel, has had a few bumps on her back for about two years. At first I just thought it was nothing because they were small. However, over the years her bumps have been getting bigger and lately she jerks when someone touches her where her bumps are. I'm worried. I finally convinced my Ma to take her to the vet and I think she has an appointment in a week or two. Should I be worried or is it nothing? Maybe I'm just paranioed, but could it be cancer?
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I am not sure, my dog gets bumps on her back. Normaly after awhile they open up and leaks stuff out and then it gose away. Try putting warm water on it and see if it wants to open up. it could take awhile but sometimes it works. Some dogs just get little cyst over and over and it is harmless. But it is a good thing you are taking him to a vet. You can never be to careful. I hope everything is ok with him.
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my moms dog suffers from something similar vet told her they were just pockets of fat and were doing no harm
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My dog has recently, within the last two days, developed a rather large bump underneath the skin on his back, just below the shoulder blades.  Aside from the size, which overnite got bigger, and is now close to a baseball, feels much like a knot in a humans back.  It causes him no pain when rubbing it, and he is not acting all out of the ordinary.  We do have another, much larger younger dog, and the two of them do rough house frequently.  We tried to bring him the the animal hospital tonight, but all were closed in our area.  I personally think it is an injury from play, but my wife is concerned it is something much worse.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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I just noticed on my dogs back that there are several small bumps scattered all over her back and spine area. My dog wants to scratch at them all the time and they end up bleeding cause she itches them so much. Anyone have any advice on what I should do? Just a few days ago I washed her in dawn dertergent do you think that is they cause or reason all these bumps hae appeared? I feel so bad cause she is constantely itcheing them until they bleed. Please help!
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To Jesse577....Those bumps could possibly be an allergy, from the Dawn detergent. You could try first rinsing her very thoroughly in plain lukewarm water, dry her well, but not using the high heat setting (on a hair dryer for example) then when she is dry, try Benadryl cream on the lumps, and see if that makes any difference. If so, then allergy would be the likely cause.
If not, then visit the vet.

To: cassiechase....It's strange that this lump has come up so very quickly. I would imagine if it is cancer, it would have grown more gradually over a period of time. I can't, obviously tell you what this is. But get the vet to look at him.

To:MsChrispy...A very large percentage of lumps are not cancer, but I can't tell you for sure what these lumps on his back are. It would be best to take him to the vet, get them checked out. Sometimes, cysts, and fatty tumors (lipomas) even though benign, can grow in size, and even cause pressure on surrounding tissues. In instances like these, the vet may suggest surgery to remove them
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hi there, just wondering how u went at the vet, my dog has a similar thing, it really freaked me out,a bump appeared, went down a bit one day then the next flared up, he is 2 and like your dog has a 6 mnth old staffy to (rough) play with, i though mabey it was a bee sting, or like u a muscle knot, thats what it feels like. he doest seem to notice it himself, doesnt flinch or moan when i touch it, and doesnt scratch it. anyfeed back wud be verymuch appreciated.
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hii im a newly dog ower of a baby pit and i only had him for about a week and he just starting getting these bumds out of no where and now they are bleeding with a light green puss around it... i dnt kno what to do can anyone please help me
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Hey, my dog has a big bump on her back and we gave her a warm bath/shower and we are really worried it did not help at all and dont have enough money to take her to the vet.So can you help me??
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My three-year-old Stafy just got exactly the same thing in her lower back just to the side of her spine.  Did you ever get a satisfactory reply to your request?  I agree that cancer does not grow this fast but it is very disconcerting.  If it is an allergy I want to respond quickly.  Did the Benadryl help?
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