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Large tumor (?) on rear leg

We have a 14 y-o Golden Retriever who developed a lump on the inside of her right rear leg...up towards her groin.  Due to her 'feathers', we never noticed it until my husband was giving her a bath earlier this summer.  By that time, it was about the size of a softball.  It didn't seem to bother her, and due to our financial situation (he's disabled, without income and my salary barely covers necessities), we couldn't afford to take her to the vet.  Actually, this is my husband's son's dog, but we've had her for all but two years.  He asked us to take her back about two years ago because he's now got small children that she really doesn't appreciate (!).  Anyway, this lump has continued to grow at an alarming rate and it's now about the size of a small soccer ball. Poor thing.  It looks like a cow's udder almost.  It still doesn't seem to pain her, but the skin has been stretched so much that it's starting to bleed, and it's really affecting her ability to walk.  She has to move her leg way out due to this lump (tumor?).  It is so sad to watch her gamely trying to navigate around with this huge lump.  It's turned very red and angry looking, but again, she doesn't seem to be too concerned about it.  Occasionally we'll see her lick it, but very rarely.  Lately, I've been noticing that she leaves a bloody mark when she gets up.  While we don't want to see her suffer, since she doesn't act like she's in pain, I haven't been able to get my step-son to agree to put her down.  She's probably diabetic too, as she drinks copious amounts of water and urinates 20+ times a day. She's eating better than ever (she's always been a picky eater), but again, that could be the diabetes.   Her urine is so watered down that it doesn't even leave brown marks on the grass anymore.  Are we doing the right thing in keeping her as comfortable as possible, or is it kinder to consider euthanasia?  It will be very difficult, as she's been with us for so long and we love her so, but this shouldn't be about US, it should be what is best for Samantha.  We really need your advice.  
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It is very kind for you to take in your step sons dog instead of the other options.  If your step son doesn't want her put down yet then he should pay for her to have the lump removed.  Dogs hide their pain well and I'm sure that the lump has got to be a burdensome pain.  It would be a good idea to take her to the vet just for a check up and see what they have to say.  It might make any decisions a little easier for you.  Good luck
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I agree 100% with furmonof5, it was your stepsons dog, you did him a favor by taking her, now its his turn to return the favor and take her to the vet for a checkup.  With a lump that large, she has to be in a lot of pain, shes just too tough to show it.  See what the vet says, and take it from there.  You'll feel a lot better knowing she was looked at by a professional, instead of guessing.  Good Luck.
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Samantha may have a number of different conditions making her drink and urinate very frequently. If she is diabetic, she should definitely be managed with insulin because she has the potential to go into "diabetic ketoacidosis" which is life-threatening and an emergency. She may not be, but it is worth getting her checked out to avoid a tragic situation down the road that you are not prepared for or could have avoided. It sounds like the large mass on her leg is probably cancerous, your vet ,may be able to offer things to make her more comfortable.
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