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Lasix for Dogs

My pet spaniel has been put on lasix for his heart condition.

My question is, is there a minimum dosage that's effective yet reduces the amount of water intake and his frequent urination.

His quality of life and ours is very difficult right now as he must be taken out frequently.

He is approximately 20 lbs.

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So many spaniels end up with heart problems...it really is a sad thing!

Before changing any dosage of medication for your dog, you really need to speak with your veterinarian.  I can only imagine the frustration of dealing with a diurectic in a pet, but your veterinarian obviously thought the medication was needed at that dosing level.

You can, though, post this question in the Ask A Vet Expert forum and get some opinions from veterinarians across the country.  They would be able to help guide you with information you can share with your veterinarian at home and questions that you might ask your veterinarian.

Good luck with your sick little one!
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Is there a natural basic or water pill therapy?..my dog has chf...and coughing and hacking g..fluid in chest and abdomen ..so cannot do without some kind of diuretic...please let me know if there is a natural basic or water treatment for fluid..

Thank you
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