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Lethargic but eating/drinking

My 6 year old German shepherd has been lethargic for 4 days. He also seemed to have congestion and discharge from his nose. I took him to the vet 2 days ago, and had xrays, blood work and an ultrasound done. Everything was fine, expect for the blood test indicated his platelets were low. He has been on antibiotics and a steroid for 1.5 days. He has been eating and drinking the last two days.  He has always been a  low-energy dog, but he showing no interest in anything and is still lethargic and weak. Any ideas? Thank you!
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I would call your vet back in the morning and let them know that even though he is eating and drinking he is still very lethargic and not showing any interest in anything.   He may want to switch the medication or add something to it, although for him to be on antibiotics and a steroid for only 1.5 days and for him to not show a tremendous improvement is not surprising, since it could take a couple more days for the medicines to make a difference.  Depending on what he has, it could be as long as 4 or 5 days before you see a real improvement, but since your vet diagnosed him, leave that call up to your vet.  

Still, call the vet in the morning and ask them how long it should be until you see a marked improvement in his behavior, that way you will know how long you should let it progress before you need to worry and take him back to the clinic.

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