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Lipomas on my best buddy

My Chiahuahua/Pug mix, only five years old appears to have two fatty tumors on his rib-line. They are moveable andare most likely benign (going to vet on the 3rd) My question is can benign fatty tumors become maglignant later?
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Most lipomas are seen on older dogs and can be numerous. They can invade surrounding tissue and cause discomfort.  It is always best to at least have the Vet do a needle aspiration ( usually quick and causes little discomfort) and send it out for pathology to determine this is not a malignant growth.  I am just of the opinion almost any suspicious lump should be questioned and checked.  
Good luck and please come back and update.
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Welcome..Where exactly are these two tumors located??? Can you give us a better description?? Thank you & yes, please let us know....
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I totally agree with getting these lumps needle-aspirated and sent to the lab. for testing.
If they are lipomas, then they may cause no real problem, depending on where exactly they are situated, and whether there's any pressure on surrounding tissues or nerves. My dog had two lipomas for most of her life; one on her upper chest, and one on her shoulder (both about 1" diameter) and they never caused her any trouble. They were both subcutaneous (just under the skin) and didn't interfere with anything vital, and they never grew or changed.
But a vet's advice is always best, breezytoo.
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